Plan It. Ink It. Love It!

Ever wondered why some tattoos look fresh out of a magazine while others seem like regrettable late-night decisions? It’s not luck—it’s planning.

Step 1: What you’ll need:


The first step is to schedule a tattoo consultaiton. We will guide you all the way, from picking the design, through selecting the right artist, all the way to tattooing a stunning masterpiece.


 It's easy and will help you feel comfortable with the studio and the artist. This visit allows you to get familiar with the setting, reducing any nerves and setting the stage for a great tattoo experience. Think of it as making a new friend.


Step 2: What to expect:


During the consultation, you'll dive deeper into your tattoo ideas, discussing placement, size, and any necessary adjustments to ensure the best result. The artist will guide you through every detail, making sure you feel confident about the process. This discussion is crucial as it helps both you and the artist align on your vision.



You’ll leave the consultation with a clear understanding of what to expect, an accurate quote, and the chance to schedule your tattoo session. This clarity helps set realistic expectations and prepares you for the next steps.


Step 3: The prep:


Before the consultation, think about the placement and size of your tattoo; it can be a rough estimate. It will be helpful if you can upload 2-3 reference photos of what you’d like to get. If you haven’t got them already, a great place to look for references is Pinterest. Simply screenshot what you like and attach the images to the form.


Once we receive your inquiry, we’ll help match you with the best artist for your desired tattoo. Additionally, we’ll provide you with a few available dates for the consultation. This matching process ensures that you get the right artist who can bring your tattoo idea to life.

Book a Tattoo Consultation

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