The "1-Day Tattoo Coverup"

Fix You Old or Unwanted Tattoo in No Time!

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 *Due to the high demand, we're limited to 5 consultations per week

What is the "1-Day Tattoo Coverup"?

 Bad tattoos happen; we've all been there.


 Whether it's something that was poorly done from the start, or a beloved tattoo that has faded over time, don't worry!


 Thanks to our tattoo coverup service, we can bring back the old glory to any tattoo - or even completely cover an unwanted one with a brand-new, amazing design - all in just one day!


 Using our experience, talented artists, and top-grade, non-fading inks, we'll ensure that the tattoo we create for you will stay vibrant and look new for years to come.



Coverup tattoo done by Adam


What's included 

In-depth consultation

Complete tattoo coverup design

Comprehensive Aftercare Guide

Complimentary check-up 6 weeks post-tattoo

Free touch-up if necessary


about us

Thundercat Tattoo Studio

Thundercat is a hassle-free, non-judgemental tattoo studio in Nottingham, UK, that prioritizes uniqueness and individuality.  


Founded in 2017 we hosted 200+ tattoo artists from across the globe and created more than 5000 unique new and coverup tattoos, by fusing international tattoo art with local culture.


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What can be covered:

Arm tattoos

Leg tattoos

Scars and stretch marks

Neck tattoos

Wrist tattoos

Dark tattoos

Tattoos befoe wedding

Name tattoos

Neck tattoos

And any other

The booking process is as easy as 1-2-3.

1: Consultaiton

 Everything starts off with a 15-minute in-person consultation. 


 This in-person consultation at our studio allows us to review the piece you wish to cover and discuss potential new designs. 


 Our artists will suggest the best options to ensure your new tattoo looks outstanding. 


 We'll also provide several booking options for your tattoo session.


*  If you're not local to Nottingham we can set up a Video Call.  To schedule one contact us:


2: Design Prep

  Our artist will begin crafting your tattoo design, which will be finalized by your appointment date. 


  We ensure the design not only covers the old tattoo but also complements the intended body area perfectly. 


  To guarantee a perfect fit, the design will be available in various sizes for you to choose from.


3: The appointment

 The actual tattoo session is much like any other. You'll review the proposed design for your tattoo cover-up, now in digital form, for easy tweaking right before we get started. 


 We're committed to your satisfaction and will only proceed once you're thrilled with the design. 


 Just relax and let our artists work their magic—we’re here to ensure you have the best possible experience.


 Post-session, we'll walk you through the aftercare process to keep your tattoo looking fantastic for years to come.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cover scars or strech marks?

 Absolutely, most scars and stretch marks stand a good chance of being beautifully camouflaged under a tattoo. 


 However, we'll need to take a closer look during a consultation to ensure the best approach. 

 So, let's meet, assess, and plan your transformation with precision and care.


What about laser removal?

 Compared to covering up an old tattoo, laser removal can be significantly more expensive, you'll need to go back multiple times, with 6 weeks between the sessions, and there's a good chance you could end up with scars.


 And the pain? It’s like swapping a rubber band snap for a lightning strike.  


 So, when you're looking to change up your ink, a cover-up might just be the smoother, smarter move. 


Let's take a look at the chart below:


Will my coverup tattoo fade over time?

Tattoo inks and the technology behind them went a long way, and are pretty much fade-proof compared to stuff that has been used 10-20 years ago.


  Modern inks will stay good as gold for the years to come  as long as you stick to the aftercare instructions and your tattoo is as healed as it should be, then both, black, as well as colour ink won’t change that much over time.


How much does it cost?

A cover-up tattoo will usually cost slightly (but not massively) more than a usual tattoo - this is because working on skin that has been tattooed before requires more time to get everything right. 


Cover-up tattoos are usually bigger than the tattoo being covered to ensure all of the old one is completely hidden. We will be able to give you an accurate quote during your consultation.


Who is going to do my tattoo?

We have only top-notch artists with at least 5 years of experience in cover-ups working at our studio, and they will be assigned according to your style preference.


All of our aritsts can be found in the "Tattoo Artists" section in the menu at the top of the page.


What style can I have my coverup in?

  Since a coverup needs to conceal the old tattoo, not all styles are suitable, or as effective, for coverup tattoos. It also significantly depends on the tattoo that you're looking to cover. 


The styles listed below are excellent options for covering old tattoos, but remember, these aren't your only choices:


  Realism: Realistic tattoos, especially in black and grey, can be crafted to weave elements of the old tattoo into a new scene or portrait, making the original ink blend seamlessly into the background.


  Blackwork: These styles utilize varying shades of black and grey ink to create contrast and depth. 


  Illustrative: Straddling the line between traditional tattooing and fine art, illustrative tattoos offer the flexibility to creatively conceal existing tattoos with detailed designs and a splash of colour.

  You can explore what each of these styles looks like in the "Tattoo Styles" section in the top menu.


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Standard pricing: £99

Free Coverup Consultation

 *Due to the high demand, we're limited to 5 consultations per week


Money-Back Guarantee

Our guarantee is bulletproof: 


If you're not in love with your tattoo design when you show up to your appointment, you get your deposit and travel costs back.

 No ifs, ands, or buts. Either you're over the moon, or you don't pay a dime. 

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