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Money-Back Guarantee

Our guarantee is bulletproof: If you're not in love with your tattoo design when you show up to your appointment,

 you get your deposit and travel costs back.

 No ifs, ands, or buts. We're here to make you happy, or you don't pay a dime. 

That's our promise to you.

We're just a train ride away!

Our centrally located studio is just a short train ride away,

 ensuring you get your ink without the hassle of a long journey. 

London, 2h 07min

Birmingham, 0h 57min

Sheffield, 0h 54mins

Manchester, 1h 47min

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 Thundercat is a hassle-free, non-judgemental tattoo studio in Nottingham, UK, that prioritizes uniqueness and individuality.



Founded in 2017 we hosted 200+ tattoo artists from across the globe and created more than 5000 unique tattoos by fusing international tattoo art with local culture.

Ready to rock'n'roll?

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Phone:  07988 492 199


Address: 12 Goose Gate, Nottingham, NG1 1FF

Work Hours: 11AM-5PM, Monday - Sunday