“It takes years to figure out your first tattoo. Five minutes for your second one…”

From Blurry Vision to Vibrant Art:

The Tattoo You'll Never Regret.

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Dear Friend,


What is the difference between a great tattoo and a so-so one?


The level of detail? The placement? The size?


None of the above.


There is one common trait all great tattoos have.


A Great Tattoo Is One That You NEVER Regret.

A great tattoo makes you proud every time you glimpse it.


A great tattoo brings back those emotions and memories time and time again.


It isn’t something you hide. It's something you showcase.


A great tattoo demonstrates your individuality and character.


But the problem is…


After months of contemplation and numerous consultations, the research feels endless. 


Your emotions are like a roller coaster. 


One day you feel excited and pumped, and the next, you wrestle with doubt and worry.


How do you crystallize your vision into a piece of art you'll truly love?


At Thundercat, after working with thousands of happy clients, we know how you feel.


That's why we created our “Inc Fusion Package”. 


We want to help you navigate your tattoo journey. 

So, you don't just get ink. You wear your story with pride.


Whether you're thinking of your first tattoo or contemplating your next one, let us help you turn those abstract ideas into breathtaking designs you’ll love.

The Studio

Here is what you get in our "Ink Fusion Package"

Your Tattoo Journey Made Seamless

Step 1: 

It all starts with a FREE consultation session with one of our artists. They’ll guide you on tattoo styles, size, and the best placement.


We'll help you translate your ideas into a dream tattoo design. And they’ll also give you a clear price outline.

Step 2: 

Our artist will turn your vision and ideas into vibrant art.

Step 3: 

Once you come to our studio you’ll be able to review your tattoo design. 

And if it doesn’t WOW you, we collaborate with you until you're ecstatic about the design.

Step 4:

An immersive tattoo session where your dream design comes to life.

But That's Not All!

By booking today you will also get these exclusive bonuses FREE:

Fast Track Booking

Skip the queue and get booked in on the first available date instead of waiting for weeks 

A £50 Gift Voucher

Get a £50 Gift Voucher for your next tattoo: Because we know you'll be back for more

7-Day Aftercare Challange

Preserve the beauty of your tattoo with expert aftercare tips

A Guide On Preparing For Your Session

Gear up the right way and handle your tattoo session like a pro.

Turn Your Ideas Into Vibrant Art Today!

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"Ink Fusion" Package Is Available To The First 30 People

Why People Trust Us

We'll guide you all the way!

Every tattoo is more than just ink on your skin. 


It's a statement, a memory, a piece of art that's deeply personal...


From the hustle of life to the depth of your soul, tattoos hold the essence of who you are and the stories you want to tell.


Since our inception in 2017, we’ve been more than just a tattoo studio.


Thundercat is a vibrant community of over 200 global tattoo artists under our roof.


We’ve crafted over 5000 unique tattoos, while seamlessly blending international artistry with the heartbeat of local culture.


Why do clients from all walks of life choose Thundercat?


Because they recognize authenticity. They see passion. And they value expertise.


We listen. We understand. 


And then, we bring to life a design that mirrors your individuality and resonates with your story.


At Thundercat, every tattoo is important to us. 


We put our best into each design, making sure it tells your story just right. 


You want it to look and feel perfect, and we're here to make that happen.


Journey with us. Let's create stories together, one tattoo at a time.

Our Guarantee:

Your satisfaction is paramount. If the design draft doesn't captivate your heart, we're committed to revising it until you're over the moon or offer a free consultation with another artist of your choice.

But, if for any reason you're still not happy with the design we will refund all of your money - no questions asked.

Don't Take Our Word For It

Here's what our customers are saying!

Turn Your Ideas Into Vibrant Art Today!

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"Ink Fusion" Package Is Available To The First 30 People

Frequently Asked Questions

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